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Accounting Firms List for Marketing

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Accounting Firms List for Marketing

For nearly every business or company across the whole of Australia is imperative that their financial statements and cash flow forecasts a well-kept and reported in a timely and efficient manner. I understand that many businesses to handle their accounting practices in-house as many business owners can be proficient and very knowledgeable of the way the transactions within their business occurs. However I see it every day that so many business owners have absolutely no idea on how money will explore the cash flow of their business operates they simply find all the way along within their businesses. This is why so many of them require the assistance of their accountant to guide them and process their tax return on annual basis. However they really should be far more knowledgeable because the whole point of operating a business is to serve people as well as to get paid for what you do. If you have no idea of what the money is doing any business as well as how to apply various accounts and spending for tax reasons you are destined to fail from the start unless you contract services of an efficient professional.

As it is understood that accounting firms are the hub for business transactions as well as various types of business advice. Whether you are a sole trader, operate as a partnership, a proprietary limited company or one of the various types of trusts I'm sure that you will have your financial statements processed by an accountant. With the fact in mind that nearly every business or person in Australia uses the services of an accountant if they are working person it will be highly beneficial to use the list of accounting firms as the hub of business referrals if you wish to get in front of various types of consumers and business owners at the point where they will for business advice. I've heard of many successful joint ventures where different Web designers and marketing companies will provide free service for accountants in exchange for a a referral onto accounts customers. The reason this has been so successful is because accounting firms are looked upon as an authority they give contact point for business and financial advice. So if they do refer someone will point you in the right direction is often seen as an ideal decision to increase your wealth.

Every day I can see opportunities for people to market to accountants and if it is possible to offer your services or products for free or at a greatly discounted price to the accounting firms in exchange for forwarding on any deals or passing referrals on to their clients. Some situations that would be ideal for this to work could be for graphic designers or printing companies who do various types of advertising and promotional literature for businesses. Could you imagine if these people offered the accountants free business cards in exchange they would hand out one of their own business cards every time that they promote their own company. This exact method worked extremely well for Vista print when they first started when they would give you free business cards but on the back they will promote their own business so every time you give out a business card yourself you actually giving out a business card for this large multinational printing company. They have now turned into a multibillion dollar operation using this type of joint-venture with the general public.

As a marketing company we have also had success by using accountants to pass on business to their clients. That is correct we have used our own list of accountants in Australia to market our products to we accountants can then refer to their sorts of customers. You see in most large cities and suburbs there will be a whole range of businesses that can then market on to other business categories within our Australian business database. For example every area would have an electrical wholesaler, plumbing wholesaler, building supplier, and office and stationery supplies. All of these businesses can directly target other entities within their area. You see a plumbing wholesaler would benefit from targeting all the plumbers within their area who by purchasing goods that is why one of our contact lists will be highly beneficial for them. And office supply company can effectively target every single business within their chosen area as I haven't met a business unit that would buy something often office supply company whether it be pens, paper, printer ink and even posted stickers that I personally organise my entire life with.

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