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Achitects List of Australia

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Many types of businesses tend to overlook architects as a target market as they often do not spend much money directly. However it is known that architects and draughtsman often suggest products and design to developers and builders when they are starting a project. With this in mind the list of architects in Australia can be a very valuable marketing tool to get in front of a key decision maker for a large project or development.

We did a telemarketing campaign for and audiovisual company who are quite successful at installations and servicing of all types of sound, lighting and audiovisual equipment into all types of venues such as nightclubs, conventions and others, theatres, high-rises and restaurants. As they were a very large install of this equipment and the amount they paid to namebrand speakers, lighting and video equipment they decided to attempt manufacturing and importing their own from China to put into jobs in Australia maintaining an even larger profit margin. They spent a substantial amount of money to telly market to architects, electrical contractors and then also directly to steer to companies, convention centres and nightclubs from all around Australia. This way they build up a large database of the contact people's names and e-mail addresses however architects were found to be quite a hub to contact to get their imported products drafted into designs and suggested to developers. This was a very important positioning technique in the market place using a slightly left of centre approach where they were in directly marketing to the final decision maker that using an interesting method to do so. When targeting the architects from all around Australia they wanted to make sure the list had architects in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania this was shown to them through a Sample which they requested before they purchased the architects lists and they also wanted to know that they could drill down to specific suburbs or cities within Australia. They wanted to be Oulu contact architects in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and all the other major cities such as Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, south coast of New South Wales and many other rural areas.

They were most impressed when they got the complete database with thousands upon thousands of contacts for architects. They then realised how overwhelming this project could be to try and get in contact with them directly which is why they contract the maven marketing to do telemarketing on their behalf to acquire the contact person's name and the e-mail address of the architects. When we did this campaign our first step was to wash the list to ensure that none of the phone numbers were on the Australian do not call register. Although businesses are not supposed to be on the do not call register some architects list did have their number on there and we didn't want the chance of ringing someone and have the risk of being find for violating Australian laws. Once he had done this we then started a large campaign systematically calling every number asking for the contact person's first name, their e-mail address and if we would be allowed to e-mail market to them on behalf of the audiovisual company. We would then record the time and date that this phone call took place on the person we spoke to, this covered us if an issue ever arose from sending out bulk commercial e-mails.

Once this was done the e-mails were handed over to the company where they would then upload the architects e-mails into their e-mail marketing software where they could send out any information on their new equipment, they can even send links ROARING is so as they could include them directly into their drafting is. This is very successful as the company had a good understanding of their target market and when they are marketing to such a large specific type of person or business they can be very specific in what literature they send out to them so as it relates directly to the person outrider contact.

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