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Help to Seek New Café Owner

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In business there will be opportunities that will be presented to you, either directly or by chance, and it is up to you to grab them as you see fit. Like if you have an existing company and you are holding operations in a building that you own, it is often natural for you to try to find ways to make your resources more profitable.

In such cases, some people will think about leasing spaces to other companies and this helps with expenses. Some will think of building another company under the existing, to offer services and product related or unrelated to the principal. Some will also consider building a business, such as a café or restaurant within the building, to benefit the company, its workers and the visitors. It is a great asset to have and it is fairly useful, but if no one has the experience to run such a business, this altogether becomes an issue.

How do you go about something like this?

  1. Run an ad to look for consultants. Working with a consultant is good because the business remains your own you just hire someone to show you the ropes. This consultant can also become a partner, and by doing so you give him the drive to commit to the work, so you can be assured of the good quality of the service.
  2. Run an ad and look for café owners looking to expand their brand. You can run an advertisement to look for café owners in the area who would like to build a branch in your office. You can let this company run independently or you can go into some kind of partnership deal, whatever is best.
  3. Go around and inquire with the different cafes in the area. If you cannot find someone online, you can go the traditional route and visit cafés nearby. You have to simply pop in and state your purpose, hopefully you could find someone who is willing to lend a hand.
  4. Hire a previous restaurant/café manager to take captain role on your ship. This is another good option to take. By employing someone to do the work, you have someone in charge, but you do not completely lose control of the business. You are merely delegating the work to someone who is more experienced—but the business remains yours.

Of course you can think about being bold and doing things on your own, but it may not be as easy. You may end up hitting the wall if you are not careful, so it is often best to work with someone who can show you the ropes. 

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