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Moving Office Home

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If you are managing a small business that completely holds transactions online or by phone and involves zero visits from customers, suppliers and the like, it is sometimes ideal to leave the commercial space and move the business to the house. A lot of people manage their business online and you can do this too, but there are some things you need to consider:

  1. Check with homeowners. It may be smart for you to checMoving your officek into your homeowners association for any restrictions to setting up a business in your home. At the same time, you can also check your mortgage restrictions to make sure that it will not conflict with your plans. You may get away fine, without informing anyone about it, but if you want to avoid any trouble in the future, you may want to get this straightened out right away.
  2. Define definite boundaries. This is a significant personal arrangement that you need to agree on right from the beginning so that neither overlaps with the other. You need to define the extent of work and home life, in terms of time and spatial boundaries. You need to set your work hours and observe it strictly. At the same time, you need to follow the hours you set for personal and family life, so that you allocate enough for both aspects of your life.
  3. Make necessary changes. With the change in operations, you will need to change the whole structure of the business to legitimize this move. You may be required to pay some fees to properly carryout the transfer, so consult with a business specialist or go through various sources for the right information.

Moving your business from a commercial space to the home presents with a number of advantages and disadvantages. It is good, most of all, because your operations cost are lowered. But you have to be amenable to all the other consequences of being in this kind of arrangement. 

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