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​Necessity of Flat Rate Shipping

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Shipping costs is always an issue when it comes to online shopping. A buyer would not want to spend so much, but would like to make sure that no harm will come to the goods he’s paid for; and a seller, who is in the business to earn, would like to have shipping cost covered by the buyer.

If you are the business owner, making the choice of where to take your business is affected by these factors:

  1. Security. You want the goods safely delivered to the customers, on time and without damage.
  2. Affordability. You want a service that will charge you fairly so that you do not have to burden your customers with heightened shipping rates.
  3. Credibility. You want to choose someone who is renowned so that your customers will trust you.

Some online stores do not charge for shipping because their longstanding relationship with the courier company enables them to charge minimal shipping fee that is already included in the item price. Some online stores charge a standard fee, regardless of what you bought, but someone will charge depending on the size of the item or may waive shipping fee when a large expense has been covered.

When trying to decide how to go about things, consider the following:

  • Standardize shipping rates. If it is not much of a trouble for you, it will be best for you to stadardize shipping rates so that you do not annoy customers with complicated pricing. You can do this by get the range of prices at the post and looking at your items so you can decide on an acceptable standard fee.
  • Make it free. You can do this successfully by adding shipping fee on the actual cost of the product. If you are offering original items, customers have no means of comparing your rates with anyone so they will think that they are paying no fee for shipping at all.
  • Give bulk rewards. You can standardize shipping rates for every item purchased and you can encourage buyers to buy more products by telling them they could enjoy free shipping for minimum purchase of a given amount. Some customers will be willing to buy more to take advantage of such offer and with the extra income shipping fees will be easier cover for you.
  • Ship in bulk. Some couriers offer discount to bulk orders so you can save a lot of money on shipping when you set out a schedule. Some companies ship once or twice a week. This, of course, will have to be stated on order page so that clients will not complain. 

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