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SEO: Send In Your Question

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SEO is a very tricky thing. Those who know a little bit about it, maximize what they have in order to go further; and those who are equipped with nothing, employ someone who can fill in the gaps. Search engine optimization is a very valuable thing if you have a website, whatever reason you may be using it for. It is of great value if your website is for personal use, and it is essential for business websites.

If you are ever given a chance to make proper inquiry about SEO, the following questions should be on your list:

  1. How do single-page sites work? There is a lot of these things in the web. Lengthy single-page sites that you can go through with by scrolling down. Is this site simply counted as one? Is there a simple code that you can encode so that scrolling down generates more hits for the page? This is important because single-information sites are easily made and they can perfectly target readers.
  2. How does Google determine their rankings? There is always much talk about this but people can only speculate about how Google’s algorithm comes into play. It is, therefore, going to be nice to be told what really works and what does not, especially where Google is concerned.
  3. Does traffic weigh heavily on search engine results? Is traffic enough when Google determines where everyone goes in the search listing? Will you automatically get high rankings when you receive high traffic to your site? A lot of people invest money and time on driving traffic to their website, is this good enough to do the trick?
  4. How valuable are social media sites to Google rankings? There is so much buzz about the social media—it is one of the most popular things in the web, right now, but are they really as valuable as people think they are? Will investing time and money on social media be worth it?

Asking questions is important because it helps you obtain answers that you can use. When tackling the very complicated world of SEO, the questions above should be quite valuable. 

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