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Bricklayers List Case Study

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This is a case study for a company that sold blocks, bricks and pavers. They import of these products from various countries around the world into Australia and stored them in various distribution centres for selling to builders, bricklayers, developers and home handyman. As they were expanding and opening up new outlets they wanted to ensure they had a steady stream of customers purchasing their products from each of the new outlets to support the growth. The bricklayers list of Australia contained many of their target customers that they wished to market to, this was purchased off the maven marketing website and instantly downloaded which had the phone numbers and addresses of many bricklayers from all around Australia.

This company that imported the blocks, bricks and pavers then weighed up the best options to reach their target audience whether they should do a mail out, telly market to them, or build up a database of e-mail addresses and contact names to e-mail them. On our suggestion it was decided that they would telly market to them using their own staff to get the bricklayers contact name and e-mail address and build up a large database of e-mails for bricklayers from all around Australia. Once they had these e-mails it was very easy to then personalise and send out bulk e-mails very inexpensively and on a regular basis outlining their products, prices and any deals they may have. This is by far the easiest way to get in contact with their target market where they can directly advertise their own products and specials to these bricklayers. This campaign was very successful for this company where they would initially get around 85% of all the bricklayers contacts when they first call them which did cost them a little bit of money in wages to do but once this was performed they could then e-mail them at a very low cost. Of the initial 85% that they gathered that had many thousands of e-mail addresses and contacts this did shrink once they started sending e-mails with people unsubscribing bounces from e-mail servers and incorrect spellings however this can often be fixed with a follow-up phone call of the bounce e-mail.

They continued to expand Businesses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide to provide quality bricks and pavers to bricklayers and builders in the major cities where there was a steady stream of work and new development to continue putting their products into. This was the main form of marketing that had the most success compared to all other marketing and advertising and that this company use. They tried other means such as newspaper advertising, trade magazine advertising, radio and television ads all of which had a very high cost for the amount of leads generated. If instead they have put all their money and efforts into the direct marketing by using the bricklayers list and other business list from maven marketing they would have had even more success and more growth and not wasted money on advertising that didn't return the results.

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