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Case Study - List of Businesses

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This is an case Study of a business which bought the List of Businesses in Australia.

A distributor of Hospitality supplies bought this list in May 2010.

They then pulled out all of the providers of Holiday Accommodation in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and had us do a Telemarketing Campaign for them to gather the Managers Name, Email address and Permission to email market to them.

A database of contacts was built up to around 6800 of Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Caravan Parks, Motels etc. they then sent an introductory letter, just outlining their services and not trying to sell anything within a few days of the first call.

From then on a Newlsetter displaying a short bit of text and the range of specials and products at full price is sent once a month. The database has shrunk with unsubscribes, but the core contacts have been kept. This business then did the same with Cafes and Restaurants as it worked so well with the Holiday Accommodation sector and added 2000+ Cafes and Restaurants to their database.

The result is that from the 12 Months after starting this campaign the Hospitality Supplies business grew sales by 60% with little more effort than outsourcing Telemarketing and sending a monthly Newsletter. They do not have any salespeople on drawing wages and only have a website.

After the first 12 months from starting, they still get 10% Sales Growth and all they do is send a Monthly letter to their Customer base. This in in the second half of 2011 when the most other businesses are going backwards. Property in their area has decreased by around 25% and businesses are closing steadily in their Target market. yet this client is still growing at a steady pace.

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