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Case Study - List of Schools

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February 2010 a company does balustrading and hand rails and new that Public Schools both primary and secondary had a budget to spend before the financial year finished. With experience with doing Galvanised Steel handrails on balconies and on stairwells and not much other work happening in Construction, they wanted to contact as many schools as possible, quickly and cheaply to try and get some jobs completed before the end of June.

They did a Google search for a List of Schools and when they looked at several other companies they decided on buying the Schools List off our Maven Marketing website. They paid for it with their company credit card through our Secure Online Payment Gateway, it was then immediately downloaded.

They then contacted us for suggestions and we did a Telemarketing Script for them to call all the schools within a 2 hour radius of their factory. They then did sales call to all of these schools from the local business area and got 10 which did need some balustrading repaired and handrails done. After the initial 10 they got work out of 4 of them which was completed by the end of June. They now are well known by all the schools in their area and are always included for quotes on any steel work that needs to be done, often winning the jobs and keeping their factory working.

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