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Case Study - List of Solicitors

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A Search Engine Optimisation Company contact Maven Marketing to help grow their business. This is a case Study on the Process.

This company wanted to target Businesses that charge a high amount for their services and do their work locality based, so they Selected Solicitor in NSW. This was a very smart marketing strategy as they target the same type of business to direct their marketing message, but can get many clients as they can do the work for a solicitor in each town or suburb without conflict and give them enough work to well and truly pay for their marketing and keep profiting.

First step was to buy the List of Solicitors in Australia off the Maven Marketing website, they then pulled out the Solicitors in NSW and got us to do a quote to tele-market to the contacts, we did it far cheaper than they could have in house with a better result as our agents use the most efficient script possible to gather the email addresses, permission to email market and the key decision makers name. The initial cost was around $1.50 per lead. I have heard of other marketing companies that base their return on Marketing at $70 per Lead! Then they have to convert these to sales.

At the end of every day, we then sent the results to the client. They had setup an account with email Marketing software, with an introductory letter outlining what they do. When they loaded up the Excel file with the contacts, it automatically sent out the letter. They then proceeded to send the short letter with case studies, specials or handy tips on a regular basis. They got their money back within the first month and then had a database of potential clients to contact regularly. Over time the clients got to know what they did and then came to them when they were ready, an extremely efficient soft sell approach. This way when client come to them are know what they do, have an idea of their prices, trust them and are happy to pay full price for their services.

Overall a very effective Marketing Strategy and the client was very happy with the result.

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