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Chiropractors List Australia

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When you are marketing to chiropractors it can be very difficult to get in contact with them, especially if you are trying to telephone them and arrange a meeting or get more information out of them. Some of these direct marketing practices can be totally fruitless for the amount of time and money you would spend attempting to target a market like chiropractors. The list of chiropractors in Australia does contain this telephone numbers and mailing addresses of chiropractors from all around Australia. The reason they are so hard to contact by telephone is because most chiropractors are one-person shows and do not often have a receptionist or someone there to answer the phone calls, they often have a mention machine to screen their calls and they call them back in between clients. For this reason we have had poor success in telemarketing to chiropractors and other similarly operating businesses.

With more and more chiropractors coming online and getting with the times, it is more common for them to have a website or some sort of e-mail contact form or e-mail address on their website. However we do not recommend bulk spamming people as this is controlled by the antispam act of Australia. A safe and easy way to get in contact with chiropractors would be to either send them a letter from our chiropractors mailing list or attempting to fax them. If you are going to use this method I would highly recommend to have a compelling offer for them to go to your website and sign up with their e-mail contact and name this way they will then be in your database to be able to get in contact with them via e-mail which is far less expensive than sending letters out to them at $.60 per letter plus all the printing and stationery costs as well as be time it takes to prepare the letters.

Some of the business types that would most likely want to market to chiropractors can include medical and training organisations, alternative health and medicine providers, health food stores who wish to join market to chiropractors customers or office and stationery providers. The chiropractors in our list are from all around Australia we cover every state including this Australian Business database for New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. The data can be sorted by postcode or town but we find the main target area is a chiropractors in major capital cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. There are also chiropractors listed in every other suburban town but we definitely find the highest concentration in these capital cities. This lists covers all chiropractors that we know of with their mailing address and phone numbers in nearly every contact.

Whatever your business or service or even if it is the research the chiropractors list is a very valuable database for a small cost, we also have contact databases in a range of other medical professions and all other business types feel free to browse through the maven marketing website or the medical businesses category for contacts such as physiotherapist, doctors and a whole range of other medical-based businesses.

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