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Getting in touch with Australian Electricians

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When you run an emailing campaign you need a few tools, but most important tool you can use is a list of electricians database that you can purchase from a company like Maven Marketing. If you want a list of electrical contractors because you have business to offer them, know that Maven Marketing can give you access to 13,000 businesses in the country. This list is going to be useful for any marketing purpose, especially for an emailing campaign.

Writing Your Email Campaign

In emailing campaign, the content of the letter you write is going to be very important. A lot of people send out emails so you have to find a way to differentiate yourself from the other people. There are other mails sent and an individual’s inbox may be full, so the content you write matter greatly to the results you obtain in the end.

Take note of the following things when you write your emails:

  1. Address it to the right person. Make your letters personal so that the recipient knows that it is not a spam email, but a more personal approach. A personal touch may be signified by mentioning the name of the recipient and not just “to whom it may concern”.
  2. Open your letter properly. As already mentioned, there are many mails sent and to differentiate your letter from the others, write a gripping opening that will give them a reason to read on. If your letter is bland, they will just move on to the next and delete your email --- losing you chance altogether.
  3. Offer good content. When you talk about good content, it means that the letter is well-written, free from all kinds of errors, informative but brief and concise, and complete with all the necessary information.
  4. Make replying easy. If you want your mails to result to a definite sell, make it easy for your potential client to do business with you. This means that you should include links that will direct clients to the actual offer or provide direct access to contact numbers. The people on the list of electrical contractors.

Get your list of electricians from Maven Marketing today. Find out how their easy-to-use and up-to-date list can help you by contacting them at info@mavenmarketing.com.au.

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