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List of Australian Businesses

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List of Australian Businesses

The list of businesses in Australia is a comprehensive list which covers nearly all businesses registered in Australia. This is an Excel spreadsheet which has 1.7 million separate contacts assorted by the business category, of which there are over 2400 different categories to sort. There is also the business name, the State, postcode, address, and phone numbers in nearly all of the listings and approximately one in 10 also include the e-mail address, website or fax number.

Whether you are after a list of australian businesses in any state such as New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory you can find all of the businesses within any of these States and sort them so as you wish to target your marketing. You can also target the marketing by postcodes. For example if you want a list of businesses in Sydney,  Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide you can sort the list of all the businesses either postcodes that are in the cities.

You can also target specific industries such as accountants, architects, solicitors, wholesale businesses, manufacturing or farmers. There is a huge range of businesses and then you can also be more specific as to target them within certain areas by postcode or states. This is also very popular for businesses that may want to target all business types within their area. Perfect the businesses such as office supplies who can supply something to nearly all business types, graphic and Web designers, accountants, all telecommunications companies. For example, a telecommunication company wants more business within a specific area, say for example the Brisbane area. They could purchase the list of all businesses in Australia and then use the postcodes within the Brisbane area. Gather all the businesses within that area and then they can either do a mail outs, or telemarketing campaign which they can gather e-mail addresses contact people's names and any other information for them to for their marketing onto.

Another use that the business list of Australia has been found to have is for businesses which are sourcing suppliers or contractors to perform works. With the 2400+ separate categories you can easily source specific contractors or businesses to supply you or prefer to perform works in a designated area. This is a great reference for contacting contractors and suppliers to get quotes done. For example you are a builder and you need to get quotes of plumbers in a new area we don't have contacts, you can contact all the plumbers within that suburb or postcode send out a bulk request for quotes or expressions of interest and then get a steady flow of quotes to you to compare with. This greatly helps you running your business by giving a great deal of options of prices and quality of workers so as you can do the best work possible at the best price.

If you came to the Maven Marketing website through one of the more specific business lists, you may find it far better value to purchase the full list of Australian businesses now and then have access to it all of the categories where you can sort and filter as you wish. We do find many people come to us initially and purchase a smaller more specific list only to come back to earth and purchase more less all list of businesses across all of Australia to further their marketing and to have as a reference point for future dealings.

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