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List of Doctors Example

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List of Doctors Example

If you are a business who provides a product or service to medical practitioners such as doctors, general practitioners, specialists or medical centres. You may find it very time consuming and expensive to have your salespeople personally call then and visit these medical professionals and even more so find the time to greet them face to face and put your product or service sales pitch in front of them.

A business who knows their market the best and who is most likely to spend money with them whether it be by area, turnover, size of business, number of employees or any other factor such as socio economic status or demographic, the more specific the marketing is more success you will have on the higher return on investment for your money spent on marketing and advertising. I'm sure every business would like a highly positive return on every marketing dollar they spend within a shorter period as possible. However this is rarely the case when you are dealing with medical professionals and the list of doctors as marketing is often budgeted at a small percentage of the net profit and the marketing returned should be gauged in the lifetime value of a client which shows the true value of the marketing dollars spend. This is also the value that will be realised when a business is sold or finance taking profits as a capital gain when you have a business with a large client base.

A highly effective way to market to doctors is either by direct mail by post or by e-mailing them directly if you can acquire their e-mail address. Depending on the situation and hierarchy within a doctor's office this varies as to how to reach them. If they have a receptionist a doctor what will really answer a call as they find it more profitable to be seen clients or their patients instead of screening phone calls so the root section is is often the gatekeeper for the doctor she will be the only person you can get hold of. The receptionists can often make decisions on how the offices run and what sort of facilities and equipment they may use or their preferred suppliers for their sundries. Sometimes be doctor or head medical practitioner of a medical centre will make big decisions on how the medical centre is run and which supplies they may use. Large medical centres may even have appointed general manager who will make the decisions on these sorts of things.

So the best method to reach doctors would be first I would try to telephone them and get a contact e-mail for the key decision maker within that doctors office or medical Centre. If you can get this person's first name and e-mail address is then very easy to keep them in your database we can send them regular marketing e-mails using the soft sell approach to advise them about your service. This is ideal for a business who may want to expand into specialists and medical practitioners such as office supply company's who would provide all sorts of stationery, paper, ink and computer equipment. As some of these officers are quite large and spend a lot of money on stationery and office supplies.

Another business that may want to directly market to doctors would be a CRM or customer relations manager program provider. The medical profession have a great need for organising their clients history and information and maintaining it in systemised and organised way where they can quickly and easily pull up past records and cross reference if needed. A dedicated CRM to medical practitioners will be highly beneficial from the list of doctors in Australia.

Our database of doctors covers medical practitioners and specialists from all around Australia. You can use it as a mailing list to contact doctors in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. You can sort the information so you can pull up the list of doctors you only need if you use postcode you can separate it by postcode or the suburbs within. A common example is this is to bring up all the doctors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or Hobart so you can do a direct mail out to the people in your area if you are an area targeting specific business.

If you wish to download this database or any of our contact list please browse through the categories on the maven marketing website over on the left of any page. Similar categories would fall under the medical business category and there are other types of specialist to you may want to target such as physiotherapist, chiropractors and a range of other medical-based businesses. There is also a list of hospitals within this australian business database which you can download instantly of our website.

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