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List of Hotels Marketing

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Marketing to the List of Hotels

The hotel accommodation industry is a multibillion dollar industry within Australia although tourism may have taken it slide of weight within Australia due to the high Australian dollar this is still a very profitable niche to be in, and with their high turnover and the competitiveness for business they are often looking repetitively at various ways to save money or improve on their services and the systems within their daily operation. Hospitality supplies is a very competitive industry who service to these types of customers whether they be resorts, high-rises or timeshare it is nine: for them to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on supplies and sundries which they use in their day to day operation and four room turnovers.

Other types of businesses that would supply hotels and would have a great need for the list of hotels in Australia would be Electronics and white goods importers or distributors who may wish to sell directly to these resorts. As it is quite common for many high-rises to have hundreds of units within the high-rise this is the equivalent to the equipment that hundreds of houses may use. Where each unit would use a television, refrigerator, lounge suite, dining table, washing machine and dryer is as well is other smaller electrical equipment and white goods such as toasters, kettles and so on. The decision to fit out these units is often made by a single entity whether it be the management right owners all the general manager of the resort or Hotel. If your marketing regularly to these types of customers you can be in front of the key decision maker for the hotel where you can then be the preferred supplier to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of orders or lease be on a close relationship to be Oulu quote accurately where you can profitably win deals with them.

Cleaning chemicals suppliers also find it very profitable to have signed contracts to supply their products and install dispensing equipment with hotels. Contracts are usually on a 12 or 24 month basis where they will supply the dispensing equipment and hardware to displace their cleaning chemicals in a safe and efficient manner. They then make their profit on the cleaning chemicals but they still maintain ownership of the dispensing equipment which can often cost thousands of dollars to fit out to maintain these customers this cost has to be recovered over time which is why contract may be in place. Having a good relationship with it the hotel manager is very important knowing when these contracts come up for renewal or if a supplier is not being competitive allowing alternatives to get their foot in the door. Many hotels to handle their laundry in-house which is where this sort of equipment can become very profitable where they are constantly washing hundreds of sheets daily on a large-scale. With smaller hotels and resorts is common for them to outsource their linen hire to dry cleaners and commercial laundry companies. Commercial laundry companies can find it very profitable to have several large clients from the Australian Business database like this which increases of a large amount of turnover.

There are also several contract cleaning companies who provide services specifically to resorts on a large scale all around Australia. Some maintain services only within the city they are in such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Or others may cover hotels from all around Australia in every state including Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

If you do need to get in contact with hotels from all around Australia our hotels list is a very inexpensive way to start your database we can maintain and build on all the records. There are also a range of other hospitality list that you may be arrested in on the left of the page you will see a category called hospitality lease click on this and you'll be able to browse through other similarly related industries who may be target markets for you. Restaurants, cafes and a variety of other business types often overlap the types of products and services used when compared to hotels.

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