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List of Insurance Companies in Australia

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List of Insurance Companies in Australia

If you are looking to get in contact with insurance companies or insurance brokers from all around Australia or even if it is just by state whether it be New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria or any of the other seven states in Australia you can easily download the insurance companies database off the maven marketing website. The list of insurance companies in Australia is a database which can be downloaded for a small price and received instantly once your payment has cleared. The insurance companies list contains the postal or business address of the company as well as the main contact phone number in nearly all of the listings. It also contains a small amount of e-mail addresses of insurance companies as well as some websites and fax numbers.

This list can be purchased instantly all you have to do is locate the product you wish to buy, in this case being the list of insurance companies it would also pay to look for other business categories you may wish to target to as the holder whole range in the professional services industries which may be of interest to you. When you purchase it you just need to click the add to cart button you will then go to the checkout you need to fill in your details for our records your then go to the next step to process your payment, the payment is processed by PayPal and we can accept most credit cards through the system in a safe and secure manner you need not fear as PayPal is usually more secure than most bank merchant facilities were provided online. Once you put your credit card details through it will then automatically notify our website that the payment has been received our website will then automatically e-mail out a tax invoice for you and this tax invoice will also include a link which you can click on to download a file. The insurance brokers list can only be purchased through our website and is only send as a digital download, it is not send as a physical copy.

The types of businesses that may wish to market to insurance companies or brokers would be other businesses that may complement but not compete on products such as banks, mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors and lawyers all of which who may wish to perform joint ventures with insurance companies or insurance companies may wish to use their services. A highly efficient of contacting insurance brokers would be to use the telephone numbers provided in a mailing list and systematically telephone the people you wish to target, after their e-mail address and whether it would be okay to send them a commercial marketing e-mail. You need to do this so as you are not in breach of Australia's antispam laws. Once you have their e-mails you can then proceed to send your marketing literature or an introduction of your business to the key contact person. This list may also be of benefit to large underwriters or companies who wholesale insurers to insurance brokers and other smaller companies. It is often very good to build report with the people who are directly selling your products so as they are more likely to recommend your products and services over the competition is if you are regularly in contact with them and notifying them of the benefits of using your insurance.

This either major key with this marketing or any other type is repetition potential customers need to build confidence in you know that you are going to be around it also helps if you come across as authoritative within your industry. This way when you do say something it is in good stead and seen to be in your clients best interest. This is what the Australian Business database is all about people buy things off you to benefit themselves not you or your business they were know that they will benefit and their money is well spent when they spend it with you in any sales or marketing this is the key role to look after your customers and clients first and foremost. Is often hard to let them know this and you'll often can lose business in the short term using this method to people who tell the customers what they want to hear. However Shonky salespeople are often found out and in the long-term you are far better off looking after your customers best interests even if it means losing a sale initially to gain their trust in their business in the long term. 

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