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This is our latest Database of Schools in Australia.

This is brand new for March 2018, we have trialed a different method for getting our data for Schools with a lot more information now available.

This list has 9824 Schools listed, in the Australia wide sheet. We have also included sepearate State specific data on the different schools. 

There are over 6200 emails provided for these schools.

The state breakdowns are as follows.

ACT - 168 

NSW - 2221

NT - 278

QLD - 2752

SA - 1312

TAS - 278

VIC - 2273

WA - 1115

There are multiple fields Included, but some are state specific.

Name School Name School Name School Name School Name School Name School Name School Name School Name
Scraped URL Street Address Address 1 Street Address Address 1 (Street) Address Address Address 1 (Street) Street Address 1
Year Street Address 2 Address2 Street Address2 Address 2 (Street) Street Adrress 2 Address 2 Address 2 (Street) Street Address 2
Year Range Suburb State Suburb (Street Address) Suburb  (Street) Suburb Suburb Suburb (Street) Suburb
Student Count Postcode Postcode Postcode (Street Address) PostCode (Street Address) Postcode Postcode PostCode (Street) Postcode
Total Net Recurrent Income State Address1 (Postal) State State (Street) State State State (Street) State
School Type Telephone Address2 (Postal) Phone Phone_Number Phone Phone Phone  Phone
School Sector Facsimile Suburb(Postal) Fax Fax_Number Fax Fax Fax Fax
Full=AGTime Equivalent Teaching Staff Email Postcode(Postal) Email Email Email Email Email Email
Full=AGTime Equivalent Non=AGTeaching Staff Website Phone  Website Website Website Website Website Website
Sector, System or Association Website URL Website Contact URL Fax Website Contact URL Website Contact URL Website Contact Us URL Website Contact Web Contact Page Contact URL
State Postal Address Email Postal Address Address 1 (Postal) Postal Address Postal Address Postal Address Postal Address
School Website URL Postal Suburb Website Postal Postcode Address 2 (Postal) Postal Suburb Postal Suburb Postal Town Suburb
Contact Page URL Postal Code Type Latitude Suburb (Postal) Postal Code Postcode Postal Post Code Postcode
Phone Postale State PreSchool Longitude PostCode (Postal) Postal State Postal State Postal State State
Fax Type Primary School Sector State (Postal) Type Type School Type Type
Email Preschool High School Typre =AG Preschool Type Preschool PreSchool Preschool Type =AG Preschool
  Primary Principal Network Type =AG Primary Preschool Primary School Primary Primary School Type =AG Primary School
  High School   Type =AG High School Primary High School High School High School Type =AG High School
  Years   Gender High School Gender Gender Low Year Low Year
  Low Year   Students Low Year Sector Sector High Year High Year
  High Year   Principal High Year Directory Link State Directory Gender Gender
  Gender   NTG Remote Definition Sector MySchool Page Myschool Page Sector Education Sector
  Sector   Region State Dir Web Students Students State Directory Web School Directory URL
  Religion   Directory Link MySchool Page Principal Principal Myschool Page MySchool Page
  Campus     All_Student_Count Region Region Students Total Students
  Latitide     Principal     Principal Principal
  Longitude     Geographic_Region     Region Region
        Federal_Electorate     LGA Name Code

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