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Marketing and Supplying Gyms

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Have you heard of business mailing lists? This is a special type of directory, much like any directory you have that functions as a reference material that you can go to when you need to contact someone. It is a very convenient material to have; and they can be bought, already prepared, from a company such as Maven Marketing.

The Good and the Bad of Mailing Lists


  • It saves you time and effort. If you try to build your won business list, it will take you some time to gather the information and verify the relevance of the data you collected. A list you buy is already prepared for you and you can go ahead and begin using it.
  • It helps to get every business started. When you set up a business, you still do not have any customers and you need to find said customers if you ever want your business to succeed. A business list is going to help you with this.
  • It is relatively cheap. While paid lists come at a cost, it is not exactly expensive and compared to other marketing methods it is so much more affordable.


  • It does not guarantee results. The list is made up of all kinds of businesses, some may be interested in doing business with you but some may not. A list that is predetermined will have a collection of businesses but it does not guarantee results at all. You can choose to go for targeted lists, of course, but the same will be true: there are no guarantees.
  • It can break you. Using a mailing list can make or break you. If you are not careful and you do not use it well, you may hurt your chances. There are a number of marketing campaigns that you can run and if you run them inappropriately, you will destroy you reputation.

As most things go, there is always two sides to things and there are two sides to purchasing a mailing list that you have to be aware of, so that you can make a better decision about things.

If you are thinking of connecting with health clubs and gyms, contact Maven Marketing to gain access to their list of gyms database. Their list is consist of over 4000 health clubs and gyms, so go ahead and contact them at: info@mavenmarketing.com.au.

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