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Marketing to Electrical Contractors

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Marketing to Electrical Contractors

For businesses such as electrical suppliers, lighting and electrical fitting manufacturers imagine how powerful it will be to your marketing to have a database of all of the electricians in Australia. The electricians list of Australia is a contact list which contains the phone numbers and mailing addresses for electricians from all around Australia. It is not guaranteed that every single electrician in Australia will be in this list but he it is a very comprehensive list which covers a huge range electricians from all around Australia in every state such as New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory. We have electricians in Sydney, electricians in Brisbane, you can filter the list of electricians and Melbourne all by organising the data contained within this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to pull out the contacts for electricians in your target area. Although not every e-mail is contained in this electricians list it should be quite easy to you to telly market to gather e-mails and contact names of your target market. Is far more beneficial to of call them directly establish a short relationship overflown get the contact person's first name their direct e-mail address for your future dealings and direct marketing.

As most electrical wholesalers are often chains which have outlets all around Australia in most major towns and cities it will be beneficial for them to know how many electricians there are in their area through researching our list of the electricians from maven marketing. They can then either handle the marketing for their target electrical contractors within their area or this could be handled on a national scale from the head office driving traffic towards the various outlets promoting national sales and deals and help to build customer trust. This also aids the national company in being able to do market research to find out which products are needed and whether certain products are popular because they are being pushed or certain areas have different markets and standards for lighting and fittings is different demographics often have different needs. This will then assist them in importing your products and getting their stock levels right for the different markets and having large amounts of dead stock.

A good example of how this Australia Business Database may be used profitably to expand a database may be for a new importer of conduit. I've heard a similar marketing tactic as this before which has been quite successful. Whereas a manufacturer would get some end users interested in their products so as the end users would then go and ask the retailer or distributor about this product building up interest in it. This manufacturer then contacted these distributors knowing there were already was interest so when they did try to sell their product it was an easy sell. This tactic could be well used by an importer of conduit for electricians, if this supplier contacted electricians directly and notified them of their products outlining the benefits of them so as these electricians would then go to their supplier of electrical products and after that particular brand of conduit. The importer could then easily go around to the electrical wholesalers with brand awareness already out there for the end user. This is often a concern for importers and manufacturers where they need to sell to a wholesaler, retailer or distributor who then sells the products to the end user. The end user must know about their products and the benefits of this brand so it seems like a double edged sale where you need to firstly notify the end user of your product through trade magazines marketing directly to them and then to put your products into distribution outlets to be supplied.

So whatever your marketing or research need to contact electricians from all around Australia a small price to pay for this contact database and mailing list is highly beneficial when compared to nearly all other forms of advertising and marketing.

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