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Marketing to the List of Nursing Homes

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Marketing to the List of Nursing Homes

The nursing home and aged care industry is a multimillion dollar industry across Australia. Due to the large amount of baby boomers retiring and needing a services of various age care facilities. Whether it be a high care facility that need 24-hour doctors and nurses to be on call on the facility or a much lower care facility where they are far more self-contained and like small communities there is often a need for the various businesses to get in contact with them. Are a great way for retirees and more elderly people who may be living isolated lives due to the fact that their partner may have passed on. These are a brilliant idea to maintain health and well-being by operating in a social environment.

With nursing homes and aged care often being backed by very large companies and receiving a lot of government funding their main priority with their supplies and services that they receive is often quality of work conducted in a timely manner which far outweighs the benefits for them and having cheaper prices. Many private industries and small companies are a lot more price oriented as it is their bottom line and they are directly affected by more expensive supplies and services. However large companies that have a high turnover understand the intrinsic value of having valuable services and go by the motto you get what you pay for. It is these types of aged care facilities that can be highly profitable to target once you get in there. As long as you provide a quality service and charge the correct price the relationship for the business operations can last for many years offering an extremely high lifetime value of these aged care facilities. Whether you supply some of their consumable items such as various types of fruits and vegetables, meats, or various dry goods having several of these large facilities within your customer base can add tens of thousands of dollars a year to your annual turnover. Other products that they do use on a regular basis with various types of cleaning products, hospitality supplies, tall rolls as well is garbage bags, basic medical supplies and disposable gloves are often high turnover items that are supplied to nursing homes. I also know electricians and plumbers who specifically target these types of communities to be there on call maintenance people. As they are often quite pleasant environments to work in because all of the buildings can often be the same so you know what you do. There is also a constant stream of work for people who wish to do maintenance. I don't actually believe one facility will be enough to keep one tradesmen operating full time which is why you may want to have several of these nursing homes on board as customers as well is target various types of body corporate's for apartments and townhouses. The on-site managers for these types of establishments is the main port of call for you to build a relationship with.

Various types of doctors and specialists will do call outs to some of the list of nursing homes and small facilities for their specific specialisation. I even believe you may be able operate some sort of a mobile practice such as mass large, chiropractic, physiotherapy or osteopathy and do regular rounds of facilities. If you had five facilities on board and spent one business day at one facility each on a regular basis this will give you full time employment whilst varying the different workplaces and people you would operate on. This will give you a steady stream of income while still maintaining your mobile nature. Thus saving the overheads operating office will practice where people come to you.

Another benefit of purchasing the list of nursing homes in Australia could be for large companies looking to build up their portfolio of the types of facilities they own. They can review and analyse all of their competition and build case studies on each and everyone on the size based on the number of beds, and whether or not they are high care or low care facilities. Is highly beneficial knowing how your competitors operate on the size of their operation building and maintaining a database for your own benefit like this would be an interesting strategic manoeuvre that would add massive value to your business. This way you will be able to manoeuvre your strategy to suit the changing nature of the industry.

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