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Methods of Reaching Solicitors in Australia

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Do you have a business with products and services to offer to a group of lawyers? If you do then a list of solicitors database will be of good use to you. Such a list will save you time and effort, looking through public directories because everything will be grouped and ready for you. Such lists are valuable for many reasons and they contain information that are very important.

Information on lists may come from different sources. The brokers who came up with the list threw in a lot of work in order to come up with a list that will be useful to you. Lists are of different kinds and they may be useful in different way, so they are even more valuable when you begin to understand how the information are obtained:

  • Public records. Some of the items in the list may have been obtained from public records such as court transcripts, vehicle owner registrations and the likes.
  • Private sources. Some of the brokers are good enough that they are able to gain access to information that may be obtained from warranty cards or have been compiled personally buy store purchasers.
  • Phone books. The most basic source of information are obtained from phone books. The local and national phonebooks that lists private and public contacts are used liberally for business list databases.
  • Trade industry directories. Another type of source are the industry trade directories. These are more personalized, compiled by specific industry suppliers for the use of their own company or agency.
  • Response direct mail lists. These are lists that have been compiled because a group of people have either purchased, inquired or made a positive response about an ad that was placed online, on television, in magazines, newspapers or wherever.

A company like Maven Marketing puts a lot of work when they create lists. If you order a list of lawyers from them, you can trust that the information will be relevant and useful. Contact them now and order a list now at info@mavenmarketing.com.au.

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