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Real Estate Agents List

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Real Estate Agents List

Real estate agents can be a great prospect to market to if you are a business that sells any sort of products or services to them. Generally real estate agents have a high turnover of money and business for both rentals and selling properties as well as managing properties. Real estate are also quite easy contact as they rely very heavily on sales and customer service. This means that a lot of correspondence that you either send e-mail or phone to them is received well as they always have to be polite and courteous to their customers. Real estate agents also has to walk keep an eye on price as they have to play pass on prices to people that they manage or sell properties for who are often scrutinising their spending, this way any sales or promotions are a well received by real estate agents. 

The types of businesses that often find it worthwhile to market to the real estate agents list are companies such as mortgage brokers, banks and finance institutions, conveyancers and solicitors, tradesmen of all sorts, especially maintenance tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, builders. We often find companies that sell printing design, signs, press control and suppliers of hospitality products for body corporate. Any of these companies would find it benefit to purchase the list of real estate agents in Australia so as they can directly market their products. In this list there are over 20,000 real estate agents from all across Australia the lease covers agents in Brisbane Sydney Melbourne all across New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, in Darwin, Perth and all other regions of Australia.

Other profitable businesses that would find value in directly marketing their products would be websites who sell any sort of lead generating or advertising to real estate agents. If you are starting a new website or directory agency that may sell directories all advertising to real estate agents, especially if you have a large database of users who are looking for rentals and to purchase property. This will be great way to get a list of all the real estate agents that we have so as you can systematically contact them and directly market your services thus increasing your sales, turnover in the value of your business.

To purchase the real estate agents list of Australia simply follow the link to our website from maven marketing where you can put through the value of the purchase, once payment has been received our system will automatically send you an e-mail with a link to download the file. The file will come as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which can be used in Microsoft Excel can also be opened in Apples iWork spreadsheet program.

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