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Schools List of Australia

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This is a case study for a customer who purchased this Schools list of Australia from the Maven Marketing website.

A business that provided and installed sound, lighting and audiovisual equipment and already had a successful business providing this equipment to pubs, nightclubs, high-rises and other entertainment venues wanted to expand into providing equipment for schools and universities. They knew it was coming up towards the end of financial year and that many government agencies including schools had budgets to spend before the end of financial year, they specifically targeted schools.

The customer wanted to get in contact with schools quickly and in bulk all along the east coast of Australia. This customer already had the literature brochures ready for their special and needed a mailing list for schools in Australia. They did a Google search for schools list of Australia and the Maven Marketing website came up with their list of schools, the customer also saw the list of universities which they purchased both lists at one time and download them instantly of our website. They then sorted these lists to the areas that they could cover as they needed to be able to install and do follow-up servicing so they chose Metropolitan and city areas in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne areas. Once they had this list they then did a mail merge and printed out labels to post out brochures and information for their sales packs to all these customers prompting them to call their sales team where they could book in an installation or get more information.  The mail out for this area went to over 6000 schools, soon after sending they got great feedback and are looking in looking at booking in jobs and installing their Audio and Speaker systems covering the costs of what they spent on the marketing, this was a well worthwhile exercise for this customer.

Two months on from doing this initial mail out that looked in enough jobs to cover the cost of their marketing, but they also have this list of schools as contacts for their own database so they can continue to market over time as many schools have spent their budgets already or not interested in their services at that time. The key to marketing directly to schools or any business is to build up trust over time and this will take several contacts often over many months or even a year the initial outlay can be expensive to telemarketing but once you have these customers e-mail addresses the cost of e-mailing is very inexpensive and you can track how many people open the e-mails and how they respond to your marketing. You must always a buy to that spam laws to prevent this so you must have permission to e-mail customers you cannot just gather e-mails and send them without having permission of this customer either expressly or inferred as described by the ACMA  of Australia. Before sending any bulk e-mails unless you know what you are doing is highly recommended to visit the ACMA website and understand the rules involved.

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