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Detail about the towns and postcodes of Australia

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Business lists come in two main types: a generalized list composed of all the businesses that are registered and a specialized list which is a segmented version of the generalized list. It may be segmented for various reasons, but mostly a list is broken down into smaller portions so that the campaign may be directed to a specific audience.

Segmenting Business Lists

Choosing a segmented business list will come with a few benefits. It saves you time, having to go through a huge directory; it saves you money on having to purchase something more extensive; and it saves you the effort of having to further segregate a general listing. When segmenting a list, therefore, you can consider asking the following questions:

  • Who are the typical buyers? What is the profile of the people who usually do business with you? You can find out more about your past clients: their gender, age, income and so many others.
  • Which lists have worked and not worked before? If you have experience working with segmented business lists before, try to remember which lists worked and which ones did not. Try not to make the same mistake again and save yourself a lot of time.
  • Which among the businesses in the lists have you already contacted? If you have recently contacted these businesses before take note when and how many times. It will be important to find out results about previous campaigns so you can pattern your choice on these.

Segmenting business lists help generate better results. You narrow down your scope so that you can focus your efforts on a group of people. Buying a list of towns database from Maven Marketing means that you are getting a specialized lists that is extensive enough to do the job. Contact them today at info@mavenmarketing.com.au.

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