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Email Marketing to the Australian Clubs Database

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Email marketing is a growing promotional technique that every businessman should employ for their own benefit. The internet is a very valuable medium nowadays and when you are able to connect with customers through the internet, you get to reach them effectively and productively.

Proper Etiquette in Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very valuable method of doing business and gaining access to a businesses through the help of a list of clubs database. If done properly it could really produce magnificent results, so you should be very particular with your methods:

  1. Do not send spam messages. Spam messages are annoying and they irritate people so much so do not employ such methods with your email marketing campaign if you want to be on the good side customers. 
  2. Introduce yourself to your clients and customers. If you are going to send an email, take the opportunity to introduce yourself to your potential customer. Be transparent so that they can respect the legitimacy that you offer. Show them that you are credible and not merely spamming online. Sign the email and disclose your name and position, include your personal email address and a link to your website, so they could connect with you should they wish to.
  3. Be consistent with your efforts to correspond. You cannot run an email marketing campaign once and then disappear altogether. If you want to show customers that you are serious with doing business, you will be consistent with your thrust without resorting to spam. Send your emails at an acceptable interval from each other just to remind them that you are still around and still willing to connect.
  4. Do not be invasive. This may be related to spam messages, but also if you are going to connect with them, do not invade their privacy by bombarding them on their mobiles, office numbers and other contact numbers --- especially when they have already requested you not to. Such an invasion could be abrasive and result to your failure in this conquest. 
  5. Be respectful to your readers. All correspondence follow a format and you should maintain the same formats with your letters, so that clients feel important and respected.
  6. Be brief yet informative. If you are going to provide clients with information, write things down clearly and briefly so that you could reach them without losing them in the process. You have to provide all the pertinent information but you should be able to do it without losing their interest.
  7. Give readers an option to subscribe and unsubscribe easily. While the unsubscribe option is going to lose you clients, this shows readers that you are respectful.
  8. Respond to inquiries immediately. If you receive any positive answer to your correspondence, make an effort to reach them right away.

Maven Marketing can give you access to over 14,000 clubs in the country. So if you are looking to connect with these businesses today, you can make a decision to contact them today at info@mavenmarketing.com.au.

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