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Ridiculous things about Ebay

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There are different places online that allow people to sell and buy stuff—and Ebay will have to be one of the top companies online. Ebay is a ready platform for such business and if you are seller or a buyer, it is a perfect place for this. You can create an account to do both things and it is fairly simple, but as with most things it is not easy to have it all and Ebay has its flaws.

It has its good and bad side—and if you are a seller, you have to be very prepared for the ridiculousness of it all.

The Selling Game

As a seller, it is your ultimate goal to make good money and that is best achieved through client satisfaction, so the provision of good service is a must. No honest company would exist to dupe customers, but accidents can happen. Sometimes, inasmuch as one would like to be very careful with transactions, there will be mistakes. An item could be damaged in transit, the arrival of the package could be delayed, items could get lost or wrong items could be sent to the buyer.


These things could be brought about by an honest mistake or it could be caused by a technical error or miscommunication. Regardless of the root cause of the problem, it is always important that resolutions are met by the buyer and the seller. Unfortunately, some dissatisfied buyers will be quick to raise a dispute with Ebay against a company/seller and this would escalate the issue. This will leave the seller with no access to his buyer and will make things very difficult for the brand.

A lot of sellers opt out of Ebay because of this. It has happened to many people and this is the common problem when you try to work with a mediator, but it is really part and parcel of the whole arrangement.

Your Decision

Ebay is good because it is a ready platform with a generous traffic from which good business could arise from. It is a ready platform that helps small businesses take off, without having to build an e-commerce site. It will, however, present with a collection of obstacles and if you are not willing to go through that, turn around and go for a different platform or build your own e-commerce website, it is as simple as that. 

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