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List of Australian Banks

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List of Australian Banks

Depending on the scale of the operation and to your current network of contacts is, it can be very difficult to market to banks in Australia. Banks have a certain hierarchy and mode of operation which is governed by their CEO and their Board of Directors. Depending on the size and scale of your product or operation you wish to sell to banks would depend on who you were target to sell or implement your products and services into the bank's systems. Localise services to banks such as contract cleaning, rubbish removal, maintenance of electrical equipment, office supplies and stationery, and security services are often done on a local scale. The person to contact would either be the branch manager all the regional manager for that bank who would then review your product or service, compare it to what they are currently using and make sure that firstly whatever you do will not breach the security of their operations, will operate in a professional manner make their job easier, and then be price competitive with what they are currently using. I know of a small firm who had a lot of success like targeting first branch manager and then a regional manager to implement their teambuilding and in-house culture building strategies. As they had success with a few local branches the word then got out to their regional manager who then pushed it on to their state manager are now rolling out their training programs throughout New South Wales with success.

Larger businesses who would be able to do a joint-venture with banks would more than likely contact National managers or CEOs this is often done through networks which is out of the scope of contacts from maven marketing the list of banks in Australia is a contact list for each of the bank branches which has their mailing address and sometimes their branch number other times they may have a one 300 number as a contact point so you may need to call in on each of the branches to get the branch managers name. Our marketing list is mostly suited to people who are target the banks at the branch level for their marketing so any of the businesses first mentioned the best port of call would be to call in at the bank and try and make an appointment with the branch manager. You would then need to rely on your salesperson skills to build report and present your sales pitch and strategy as to how your product and service could benefit firstly the local branch and also the bank overall. As banks often prioritised quality overprice this is usually the best strategy to sell your products to them.

This banks database contains branches from all around Australia from the big four banks it includes the branches of Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, National Australia Bank as well as many other smaller banks and credit unions such as St George, Bendigo bank, banana Coast credit union, the Bank of Queensland and a whole range of others from every state in Australia there are banks in New South Wales, credit unions from Queensland, a range of bank branches across Victoria as well as Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. We cover the bank branches that are in all the capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane as well is the outlets of banks in Perth, Adelaide, Darwin Canberra and Hobart.

So if you want to take on banks as a client and you are a location-based service or product business is highly recommended you purchase the list of Australian Banks off maven marketing and then use it to systematically go through and contact the banks either by phone or face-to-face and look to speak to the local branch manager, start building report and to try and get your business in front of them. If all goes well at the branch level it would be beneficial to then asked the branch manager to try and organise a meeting with regional or state manager where you can then roll out your products and services into a larger area.

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