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Marketing for the new Financial Year

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Come the 1st of July and a new financial year for businesses in Australia. The past 12 months have had a tough time for many businesses, especially those in the retail and tourism sectors which have found it particularly hard trading and often relying on heavy discounting to keep turnover up.

Business to business has been similar, although the mining industry and anyone who supplies them have been doing quite well. Many businesses and tradesman have sought work in this industry, some with great success. If there is anything you may be able to supply mines, you can purchase the List of Mining Companies off us here - https://mavenmarketing.com.au/list-of-mining-companies-in-australia/

Direct marketing is the most successful and cost effective means of contacting the businesses directly who will buy off you. This may cost a bit initially, but the return on investment far outweighs other forms of reaching you target market such as phone and internet directories which do little more than line the pockets of the companies that own them. Same things go for magazine, newspapers and other olden day print media, which are quickly going out of favour with reduced readership.

So if you are looking to grow your business in 2012 and deal directly with other businesses, try one of our contact lists, there are several categories on the left for you to browse. Below are our most recently added lists, we will continue to add more business list as we build them for you to go into more specific markets.

List of Newsagents in Australia

List of Boat Stores and Marine Supplies in Australia

List of Bottle Shops (Liquor Stores) in Australia

List of Shopping Centres in Australia

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