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Office Supplies Company Case Study

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This is a case study for the solicitors/lawyers list as purchased off the Maven Marketing website. 

We had a client that came to us, seeking to market office supplies to solicitors. They deliver to a local area within 100 km of their business and are looking to expand into a much greater area covering all of Australia. With their new website, competitive pricing and a good freight contract, logistically this was a very viable business decision for them to expand. All they needed to do was notify solicitors lawyers and barristers in other areas of their services they're pricing, and how fast they could get their freight there. As is this is a very important option for solicitors who are running offices as they need in paper, pens and other office supplies very quickly.

As the customer realised that solicitors or use quite similar products, they put together a package outlining the main products they use as far as paper, ink and cartridges. Put some competitive pricing on their website just for solicitors and all they had to do was get in front of the solicitors directly. They contacted us for our direct marketing expertise.

This customer had a budget of $3000 to spend on marketing so we worked out how many solicitors we could call within this amount which was close to 5000 people. We sought the most viable areas for freight for this customer which was in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and other major cities on the east coast of Australia and proceeded to telemarket to these businesses to get the e-mail address, contact person's name and permission to e-mail market to them. As we got each day's results of e-mails we would then send a follow-up e-mail immediately and next day outlining the services of the office supply company and a link to their website, without any selling, just a brief outline of what they can do. These customers then went into the e-mail database of the office supply company who would then, on a regular basis e-mail out specials and products specific to solicitors. They then found over time they built up more of the solicitors as regular customers as they got comfortable with their correspondence and more familiar with their website building trust in this office supply company as a supplier.

From the initial initial $3000 spend that on ongoing costs were very little with e-mail marketing being very inexpensive and a great way to directly contact their own prospects. Many months later this customer still uses the same e-mail database to continue to market monthly to solicitors, lawyers and barristers and they continue to get new customers. As well as increasing amount of products they are currently getting into the customers they have from the solicitors died base their business has grown dramatically and they continue to do other telemarketing and e-mail marketing programs into other nations specific to what they may use.

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