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​Credit Card Processing Options for Australian Businesses

Studies have estimated that only 23 percent of purchases will be made using cash by the year 2017. What would be the consumers’ new payment method of choice? That would be the shiny credit card/s, of course. Although issues like identity theft and fraud led to credit cards having a rocky start, vast improvements in both finance and encryption [...]

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The Importance of Tracking Income Streams and Staff Hours

The Importance of Tracking Income Streams and Staff HoursTracking income stream and staff hours are two of the most important metrics that should be collected on a regular basis to ensure that a business stays on track. If time and income tracking are lax, businesses tend to falter in terms of project management. The business will have some issues [...]

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​How Much You Should Spend on SEO Depends on Your Target Market

The Internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Because of it, many 21st century citizens spend a great deal of their time online. This is because they can now stream movies and television programs, listen to music, get updated on the news, and make various purchases without leaving the comfort of their homes. With many [...]

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​Tips on Hiring Outsourced Staff Remotely

Through the years, people have been looking for better alternatives to improve their business processes. Several years ago, businesses would hire hundreds or even thousands of people in order to meet business demands. However, managing a huge number of employees can entail several drawbacks that any business would not like to deal with. This is where outsourcing comes into the [...]

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Understanding the Average Customer Acquisition Cost of Different Marketing

Before tackling the average customer acquisition cost of various marketing products and services, let us first understand what acquisition and customer acquisition cost is about. In this article, we will be discussing how to calculate acquisition cost, how much you should spend, and identify whether your stats is raising the bar.What is Customer Acquisition? Also known as CAC, this is [...]

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5 Reasons a Telemarketer will Earn and Save you Money

When it comes to achieving growth, businesses can take either one of two approaches. They could either enrich the current relationships they have with their existing clients to get them to use their services more. By doing so, these existing customers end up referring their friends or act as unpaid-advertisements that spread the brand to other target populations.The second [...]

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Sweat Equity and Outside Finance: The Ups and Downs

When starting up a company, the first question to arise is a financial one in nature. Where will the resources come from? Where will the funds generate?Although there are start-ups that have been self-started, not every entrepreneur with a vision will have the available financial power to get their idea off the ground. But this hasn’t stopped business-minded people to [...]

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​4 Reasons Why a Business Logo should be the Last Concern

The brain-child of an entrepreneur is their pride and glory. Everything about a start-up business is treated like a very delicate machine that has to be constantly taken care of in order to continue generating revenue.It is their banner, their brand.When companies hire outside talents to work on the logo, plenty of variables come into question. What colors are [...]

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Don't Complicate Things: Starting Your Business in a Breeze

They say that starting up a business is one highly complicated matter well in fact, it is no rocket science. Being in the world of business is complicated which is why you need to plan a business effectively. There are things you should take into account before starting a business which include intensive planning and [...]

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Help With Introduction Letter

In business, there will a number of letter writing opportunities that you will encounter, whether you like it or not. There will be all kinds of letters to compose, addressed to all types of people, and sometimes you will be writing letters to potential customers in an effort to convince them to do business with you. Instead of waiting [...]

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