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​Australian Online Merchant Providers: a Cost Comparison

You can find different online merchant providers in Australia. Each has its own set of fees to charge and rules to implement.Before the cost comparison, here’s an explanation of the terms that come with each bank. Set-up – These are the flat rates charged to have the account set up. Some banks can [...]

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​How to Use Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) to Buy Property for your Business to Lease in Australia

You have different options when it comes to securing a business property that you can set up for lease, but the most manageable among your options is the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund. This option can offer easy to access funds and low investment payoff, provided you stick to the rules of the agreement. Here are a few things that you need [...]

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​How to Re-Invest Profits to Save Tax and Grow your Business in Australia

Paying taxes based on income and profit is an inescapable part of running a business. The more your company earns and the higher profit you make, the higher the taxes that you need to pay. In order to work around this part of the business world, most companies choose to house their profits in an off-shore account that is not [...]

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​All about Australia’s Capital Gains Tax

Australia, like any other country, also charges different kinds of tax such as income tax, corporate tax, payroll tax and the well-known goods and services tax (GST). Aside from those tax kinds, there’s also another one that you can be subject to paying – that’s capital gains tax.What is Capital Gains Tax?The Australian taxation system dictates that capital gains [...]

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​Business Metrics: Understanding Metrics, Setting Up Systems and Monitoring Introduction

Managing a business requires monitoring various elements like business metrics. Business metrics are quantifiable values necessary in seeing whether a business is moving forward or not. Although important, many people are not aware of business metrics, setting up business metric systems, and accompanying monitoring techniques.Understanding Business MetricsPeople often confuse business metrics with KPIs. Business metrics and KPIs work together as the former has [...]

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​Understanding Metrics of a Good Business

Business metrics are used to evaluate performance of a business within a specific period and on a specific aspect of operations. Most often, these metrics involve quantifiable units such as number of products sold, cost of operation, overhead cost, direct labor, indirect expenses and among others. These tools help management to formulate decisions regarding operations, whether to hire more, sell [...]

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​Loss Leaders' Effectiveness: A Look at the Strategy's Pros and Cons

Promoting a loss leader is a common strategy among entrepreneurs. A loss leader is defined as any product or service offered at a significantly reduced price with the goal of bringing in more customers. Entrepreneurs use this strategy to lure potential customers in purchasing other products offered at a more profitable price.A loss leader can be offered in bundled deals [...]

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​How to Test ROI of the Different Sales Channels for Small Business

Return on investment (ROI) is a simple but powerful tool for an investor and business owners. Computing for the ROI gives you an idea on how long it will take to gain from your investment or the relative increase of goods sold after spending on certain expenses such as marketing to increase sales. Whichever the case may be, you [...]

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​How to Grow Your Business?

Growth is the top priority of a business. A business owner can grow in a number of ways. However, the real foundation of a growing business is its ability to increase customers and eventually sales. How can a business grow and why it is more important to gain additional customers than to sell more to existing clients?Why Increase Customers?Some of [...]

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​Hiring an Agency to Manage Adwords Vs. Doing It Yourself

Given that a lot of businesses (Australian and otherwise) have long discovered the benefits of marketing their products and services online, it’s hardly surprising that search engines have also come up with services to aid the online marketing process. Adwords is an example of such a service. It basically generates a text ad out of the words and/or phrases that [...]

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