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List of Australian Businesses

List of Australian BusinessesThe list of businesses in Australia is a comprehensive list which covers nearly all businesses registered in Australia. This is an Excel spreadsheet which has 1.7 million separate contacts assorted by the business category, of which there are over 2400 different categories to sort. There is also the business name, the State, [...]

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List of Insurance Companies in Australia

List of Insurance Companies in AustraliaIf you are looking to get in contact with insurance companies or insurance brokers from all around Australia or even if it is just by state whether it be New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria or any of the other seven states in Australia you can easily download the insurance companies [...]

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Office Supplies Company Case Study

This is a case study for the solicitors/lawyers list as purchased off the Maven Marketing website. We had a client that came to us, seeking to market office supplies to solicitors. They deliver to a local area within 100 km of their business and are looking to expand into a much greater area covering all of [...]

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Marketing for the new Financial Year

Come the 1st of July and a new financial year for businesses in Australia. The past 12 months have had a tough time for many businesses, especially those in the retail and tourism sectors which have found it particularly hard trading and often relying on heavy discounting to keep turnover up.Business to business has been [...]

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Updated List of Lawyers, Solicitors & Barristers in Australia

We have just updated our original List of Solicitors, it is now a complete List of Lawyers, Solicitors & Barristers in Australia.The list will cover the contacts for Legal Professionals across the range of Solicitors, Barristers and Barristers Clerks. These are commonly grouped under the Term Lawyers. Which is taken from the American term.As it is [...]

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Business and Mailing Lists

Maven Marketing provide a range of Direct Marketing Services. Their main venture is to provide Business and Mailing Lists of Australian BusinessesIf you are a business that sells products or provides a service for other businesses, direct mailing has most definitely proven one of the most cost efficient and effective forms of marketing and advertising. [...]

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Australian Mailing Lists

At Maven Marketing we make it convenient to get the direct mailing list you need as easily as possible, at a great price. We have separated the most common mailing lists and made them immediately available for you to purchase and download off our website. Here is the link to the page which displays them all - [...]

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Maven Marketing - List of Universities List

The first week of february 2012 has seen a surge in purchases of our data list. With alot of markets slowing down and business getting tougher, I believe alot of people are putting effort into marketing as cheap as possible to keep their business alive. Witht changes int the way people top business with a [...]

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Case Study - List of Schools

February 2010 a company does balustrading and hand rails and new that Public Schools both primary and secondary had a budget to spend before the financial year finished. With experience with doing Galvanised Steel handrails on balconies and on stairwells and not much other work happening in Construction, they wanted to contact as many schools [...]

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Case Study - List of Solicitors

A Search Engine Optimisation Company contact Maven Marketing to help grow their business. This is a case Study on the Process.This company wanted to target Businesses that charge a high amount for their services and do their work locality based, so they Selected Solicitor in NSW. This was a very smart marketing strategy as they [...]

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