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Getting in touch with Australian Electricians

When you run an emailing campaign you need a few tools, but most important tool you can use is a list of electricians database that you can purchase from a company like Maven Marketing. If you want a list of electrical contractors because you have business to offer them, know that Maven Marketing can give you [...]

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Email Marketing Campaigns to Doctors

An emailing campaign is an example of a very powerful promotional effort that you can run to bring business to you. To prosper in business, you will need to signify your presence to the market, so that they will come to you. Business list databases are very helpful for said campaigns. These are organized lists [...]

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Achitects List of Australia

Many types of businesses tend to overlook architects as a target market as they often do not spend much money directly. However it is known that architects and draughtsman often suggest products and design to developers and builders when they are starting a project. With this in mind the list of architects in Australia can [...]

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Clubs List Australia

This is a proposed method to outline a case study for a marketing campaign which could be used to build up a large customer base from our list of clubs in Australia. A marketing campaign was proposed by a hospitality supplies distributor to attempt to reach as many rugby league, AFL, Golf, bowls, RSL, services [...]

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Chiropractors List Australia

When you are marketing to chiropractors it can be very difficult to get in contact with them, especially if you are trying to telephone them and arrange a meeting or get more information out of them. Some of these direct marketing practices can be totally fruitless for the amount of time and money you would [...]

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List of Hotels Marketing

Marketing to the List of HotelsThe hotel accommodation industry is a multibillion dollar industry within Australia although tourism may have taken it slide of weight within Australia due to the high Australian dollar this is still a very profitable niche to be in, and with their high turnover and the competitiveness for business they are [...]

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Contacting the List of Mining Companies in Australia

Contacting the List of Mining Companies in AustraliaWith the strong Australian dollar hindering a lot of exports in Australia including the shrinking amount of turnover within the tourism industry the mining boom has definitely propped up Australia's economy. Other factors that has kept Australia in good stead while the rest of the world has had [...]

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List of Australian Banks

List of Australian BanksDepending on the scale of the operation and to your current network of contacts is, it can be very difficult to market to banks in Australia. Banks have a certain hierarchy and mode of operation which is governed by their CEO and their Board of Directors. Depending on the size and scale [...]

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List of Accounting Firms

List of Accounting FirmsTo use strategic marketing strategies to place your business in front of your potential clients can be highly effective if it is well thought out and executed. One of the methods that we have used in the past to get in front of a wide range of businesses is by marketing directly [...]

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List of Doctors Example

List of Doctors ExampleIf you are a business who provides a product or service to medical practitioners such as doctors, general practitioners, specialists or medical centres. You may find it very time consuming and expensive to have your salespeople personally call then and visit these medical professionals and even more so find the time to [...]

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